Sunday, 25 July 2010

Saturday & Sunday July 24 & 25, 2010


The air was still this morning and it felt hot and humid so I stayed inside. No sense it getting overheated before the real heat sets in!

We discovered yesterday that we have a very ugly problem in the house. Without going into gory details, it is plumbing related and it is very, very yucky! We had called the plumber that did some work for us when we first moved in but he said he was unable to do it and gave us the name of someone else. He came this morning and was able to get the problem solved for a very reasonable price. We also found out that not only is he a licensed plumber, but also an electrician and gas fitter. A well rounded person to know!

Needless to say, we were not very happy with this problem but I guess you have to expect it in such an old house. We were just happy that the problem wasn't further out in the yard or on the street!


It was cooler with a breeze this morning and also cloudy so it was a nice morning to walk. When I was cleaning out the basement I found more CDs so I had put them on my ipod so I had some new tunes to listen to!

While doing laundry today, I filled the big plastic bin that I purchased when I was out a couple of days ago so I now have all my linens and some winter clothes packed in it.

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday - Happy Birthday Carol!

The afternoon was beautiful today, no humidity and 24C (75F). We had some aging bananas so I decided to make banana bread. I got out all the ingredients and realized that I didn't have any baking powder so had to go out and buy some. While out we noticed there was a car show at Lower Reach Park so Gordon dropped me back at the house and I got my banana bread made. He headed out for the car show. Shortly after arriving he called and told me that I should be there as it was a good show in a scenic setting so after the banana bread was out of the oven we went over.

It was indeed a good car show set along the banks of the canal and a perfect day for it.

On our way to the car show we had to stop for the swing bridge to let the boats through the lock.

We parked near the locks and walked along the path to the car show.

The Car Show

A candy apple red Corvette

A row of cars

Really nice Studebaker!

An old Woody

Mustang Cobra with a tricked out paint job

1952 Chevy - we had one of these on the farm but it was blue

Loved this car! It looked like it should have machine guns sticking out of the windows - very low to the ground & a beautiful paint job - it looked purple or gold depending on the light

This truck was painted with Aultsville, Ontario on it - Aultsville is one of the lost villages now underwater since the Seaway went through in 1958

Beautiful setting for this car

Green on green

This vehicle had a sign that said "My 1946 PT Cruiser"

This Caddy had quite a paint job - Spiderman all over it

This paint job is flat black

And my car peels away!

It was a much better car show than the one we went to in Lombardy shortly after we moved here and it was free! We had a good time!

The banana bread turned out great as well. There's a couple of pieces missing as you can see.

George, the handyman/contractor showed up this afternoon and painted the back door.


  1. I'm glad the plumbing problem wasn't too extensive and that you were able to get it fixed quickly. As you said, you know something will go wrong with an older house.

    The cars look great, and the banana bread looks absolutely yummy!

  2. Can you mail out some of that banana bread I can smell it from here. Glad the sewer thing is over.

  3. Car shows are always a great place for photos with lots of curves, colors & chrome present.


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