Monday, 12 April 2010

Wednesday April 14, 2010-A Month to Closing!

Today is a month from our closing date for the house!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day. I had a nice walk in the sunshine.

Since it was also the day the housecleaner comes we headed out to our favourite trail, Jack Pine Trail. It was a little muddy but certainly not bad. We only had to skirt the trail a couple of times. They are also building boardwalks where there weren't any before.

A new part of the boardwalk

These two mallard ducks seemed very tame. They're enjoying some sunflower seeds that I sprinkled on the boardwalk.

Two male killdeer were chasing a female. Wonder why?

This little red squirrel is enjoying the sunflower seeds I put on the tree stump for him.

There are a lot of downed trees in the bush. We were wondering if a windstorm went through.

We saw lots of little critters and heard a lot more but still no deer, but we did see killdeer!

We got back in time for lunch and after lunch I took off to Carlingwood Mall to look around. I only bought a couple of things at Bulk Barn.

I found this on my Immigration lawyer's site. This is the plight of someone else who has had problems with U.S. Immigration. To read it, click here.

Judy & Emma asked why we need 4 phones? The answer is we probably don't however this is how we set them up. One set for kitchen/dining room, one for our bedroom, one for the office and one downstairs. With these phones you only need one jack and the other sets are just plugged in to electric and you can retrieve messages from the answering machine from any of them.

I've been getting some anonymous comments lately. I won't post anonymous comments unless I know who sent them so I've changed my settings so that anonymous comments aren't accepted any longer.


  1. Lovely pictures as usual, thanks for sharing.
    I read that article. My golly, I couldn't believe the way she was treated. As a British legal resident of the US, I had better mind my 'P' & 'Q's!! Now I can understand why you weren't too thrilled about going back over the border again.

    I can see why you have 4 phones. I have one in each room, plus 1 in my bathroom, 1 in workshop, 1 in attic = 8. But 3 are corded, for when the power goes out. I don't want to be in a "I fell down and can't get up" situation, and not be near a phone!!
    I know you can't wait until you move in. I am looking forward to seeing the house, too.
    Happy Shopping, Penny, TX

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. I've never heard of a killdeer bird and we had one outside the RV, now you write about them. Must be special. I read the blog, what a time people are having, ridiculous, and it's only going to get worse. Dee

  3. Your walking area was so nice. I know it must have been great being outdoors and seeing the little critters along the way. Thanks for taking me along!


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