Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday April 17, 2010-Counting Down

On Thursday our salesman at Leon's called to tell us that the dark wood bedroom set was on sale. There was only one left and they were holding it for us. So away we went to Leon's to decide if we wanted the dark set or the light set. Both are pictured below.

I have always liked the dark set better. The cabinets are roomier and there are two extra small drawers in the headboard. It also looks more impressive. Gordon thought with only a small window in the small bedroom that it was too dark.

So, we canceled the order on the light set and went with the dark set.

Other than that, not much has been happening. We're having a couple of chilly, rainy days but it's supposed to warm up next week.

I did make a gluten-free shepherd's pie without potatoes (I can't eat potatoes) today using gluten free corn noodles (they look just like egg noodles). It turned out pretty good. Both Gordon and Nancy liked it.

Right now I'm trying to find something for us to sleep on in the new house. We'll be there five or six days until our furniture arrives. We can always come back to Ottawa but at least two nights we'll have to spend there due to the phone guy coming and the furniture arriving. I've been looking at used stuff but so far haven't found much. We might have to buy a couple of air mattresses to tide us over!

I'm finding that since I quit posting my blog daily, I'm finding it difficult to separate one day from the other!


  1. After my furniture was hauled away from my old house, I slept on a Walmart $15 air mattress for a couple of weeks. It was as comfortable as any expensive mattress set I've ever slept on. The only problem I found is that I would forget and "roll over to swing my legs over the side of the bed", and would fall on the floor!

    I'd say go for a couple of cheap air mattresses if you have to. They're great to have on hand if grandkids visit.

  2. I agree. A Walmart mattress if fine. We had one for everytime we went from base to base and waited for our furniture to arrive. IMHO, the dark wood is very elegant looking. It's getting closer to move in!


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