Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday January 13, 2010-Rush Hour

I did go for my walk this morning even if I was late getting out of bed. At least all the commuters and school kids weren't cluttering up the sidewalk! It was warmer today with no wind chill and -8C (18F). It looks like the temperatures here for the next week or so will be fairly mild (for this area and the time of year). The bad thing about mild temperatures is you go through lots and lots of windshield washer fluid!

I went out to pick up a few groceries today and to get some boxes. We need to pack up the bottom cabinets in the kitchen on Thursday night as Nancy is getting the counter replaced on Friday so we thought it would be easier to put the stuff in boxes.

Around 4:00 p.m. Nancy called. She had locked her keys in the truck at work while cleaning the snow off (we had a dusting today) so we got her extra set and took them to her. She works in Hull, Quebec which is just across the Ottawa River from downtown Ottawa, about 27 km. (16 mi). Traffic wasn't bad going there but coming back we were in full rush hour. I think if I had to drive through rush hour every day now I'd slit my wrists! (Photo of tail lights on our way home.)

When we all got home, she insisted on making dinner for us so I'm writing my blog while she slaves away over a hot stove after she's been working all day.

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  1. wow, that's a great picture! I'm with you if I had to deal with that traffic everyday I'd do the same as you. lol


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