Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tuesday January 19, 2010-Dentist

We had another fairly warm day with a high of 3C (37F) but it was still cloudy. The forecast says maybe some sun tomorrow!

I had an appointment today to have my teeth cleaned so I headed out early as I needed to pick up corn tortillas for Gordon. That's what he uses instead of bread. I had a nice chat with the lady in the health food store where I buy the tortillas. She's very knowledgeable about food sensitivities, celiac disease etc so it's always interesting to talk to her.

From there I headed to the dentist's office. I was still early so stopped in one of the discount stores that is in that mall. Then I got my teeth cleaned and the dentist checked them - no cavities and I still had insurance so Nortel hasn't cancelled our extended health care yet!

From there I went to the Carlingwood Mall. I usually wear sweats around the house but they're wearing out. I had planned to buy some new ones when in the US this winter but since that didn't happen I was looking here. The things with women's sweats here is they usually don't have pockets, I hate stuff with no pockets! It's also not that easy to find petite lengths so I went to Sears. The sweats didn't come in petite sizes (I don't like to hem as I can never get them even) so instead I found some jeans on sale and bought two pairs for about $15. They're lightweight so I'm happy with them. After a stop at the bank I made my way home before rush hour and before it got dark.

That's it for today!


  1. I like pockets too. I always have had to buy men's sweat pants to get them long enough, but I think I have had some bone loss due to osteoporosis so women's will probably fit me now. I just need to find some I like. I hate to shop!

  2. I bought me two pair of jeans the other day for $9 each...good looking jeans too.

  3. I have the same problem finding sweats with pockets. I had a purse stolen in 1986 and have never carried one since. All I need goes into my pockets. I'm glad you found the jeans.

  4. too bad about your RV and you being marooned for the winter! Come visit us in beautiful Whistler, BC for the Olympics being held here and in Vancouver. We're the cheapest place in town for accomodations during the worldwide event! book at www.whistlerrvpark.com


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