Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wednesday November 25, 2009-Only a Month till Christmas!

Hard to believe that it's nearly Christmas. This year has gone really fast. It seems the older you get the faster the time goes.

Today was fairly warm for this time of year at 7C (45F) but it was dull and rainy. It did stop long enough for my walk this morning. I didn't take my camera so no photos today.

Most of the day was spent lounging around reading and on the internet.

I had bought some sirloin steak yesterday (it was on sale so cheaper than round or blade) so made some swiss steak for dinner. It turned out pretty well but probably could have baked it a little less.

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  1. Wondered if you guys follow the RV Net Forum

    Noticed various threads under the 'Snowbird' catagory pertaining to folks having border crossing problems.


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