Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Wednesday November 11, 2009-Remembrance Day

All the best to our brother-in-law, John. Today is is birthday.

A lot of businesses are closed at least for the morning here but places like the Government offices, liquor and beer stores, banks etc. have the day off for Remembrance Day. Since we're retired, we also have the day off, but then we have every day off!

And so to our veterans as well as our military personnel wherever they may be in the world, THANK YOU!

This morning I made gluten free spice cookies. They're a little dry but most gluten free baking seems to be dry. They taste pretty good though and are very spicy. Too bad there's so much ginger in it. Ginger is one of the many things that I have a sensitivity to.

This afternoon I went with Nancy to make arrangements to replace her kitchen counter and she decided to go with a new sink for the kitchen as well. The sales lady at the kitchen department at Home Depot was so nice and helpful! Everything will be done before Christmas. It will look so nice!

I've still heard zip from the lawyer. I think we'll have to go to their office and get in their face!

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