Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wednesday September 16, 2009 - Congratulations!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband who is now another year older and wiser!
Also, congratulations to our niece, Danica who passed her MCAT exam with flying colours! So, I guess next year it's off to medical school!
 Today started out sunny and bright but the day became more cloudy as it went on. I had a long walk today. I haven't done this walk in two years. It takes me down the farm road and along a road that goes between fields to the rail trail and then back on the Appleton Side Road. It takes about 40 minutes. They have corn planted all over the place here this year so I was hemmed in as I walked along. Imagine my surprise when an 18 wheeler turned the corner and came down the little road between fields! I was so stunned I didn't even get a photo of it.
My morning walk
 This morning we drove into Carleton Place Hospital to see if Gordon could get an appointment for an ultra sound before we leave. It's scheduled for October 6th but we're on a cancellation list as well. Then on to get the sticker for the truck plates. I didn't notice that we have to have an emissions test done. I didn't know they did emissions tests on diesel trucks. I guess the truck is old now - 5 years so it needs testing! We have that appointment scheduled for Friday and then we can get our sticker.
We came back to the RV for lunch and then headed in to Ottawa for another chiropractic treatment - Gordon's is free today because it's his birthday. From there we stopped to get some bloodwork done. My doctor has been wanting me to get food sensitivity testing done but it's not covered by our health insurance and it's $250! So, today, I broke down and got it done before it goes up in price! Hopefully our extended health care will cover part of it and if not, it's income tax deductible.
We're really sick of medical/dental appointments and having to go out all the time for stuff. We just want to relax! But there's still stuff that has to be done before heading south.
I had a brief nap this afternoon. Then Gordon and I went for a little walk down by the water and around the campground.
Mississippi River at the campground and bench overlooking the river
That covers the day!


  1. We wish Gordon a Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  2. Tell me about medical appointments! I have been to more than I have been to in my intire life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gordon. Good to hear from you both.


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