Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday September 17, 2009-Truck Service

Yesterday's blog was done with Blogger's new editor. The fact that there even was a new editor came to my attention in the Bayfield Bunch blog a few days ago so I decided to try it. While I'm sure it has many nice features, I've gotten used to the old editor and I don't have any problem placing photos with it as some do. I didn't like the line spacing in the new editor and I had more problem placing photos than I do with the old one so after only one day, I went back to the old editor.

There has also been talk in a lot of blogs about Microsoft's Live Writer but so far they don't have anything like that for the Mac so I'll continue along as I've done for the past three years. It was interesting to try the new editor and maybe I'll try it again another time.

As I sometimes I write my blog around photos, the new editor doesn't seem to be easier to use in that respect.

Today started off sunny and chilly at 8C (46F) but by the time I got back from my morning constitutional it was mostly cloudy again. The furnace is already running and from Accuweather's long range forecast it looks like we're in for some cold weather over the next couple of weeks. I saw a few very low nightime temperatures coming up and this is still only September! Maybe when we get down to the Ontario Riviera (at Sherkston Shores) it will be warmer but I'm not counting on it!

We had an appointment at the Dodge dealer in Smiths Falls for 1 p.m. to have the truck serviced so we left the RV park early so that we could have a late breakfast at the Roosteraunt, one of our favourites. We got there early enough to have breakfast (their cutoff time for breakfast is 11:30 a.m.) and still had time to kill before our truck appointment so we stopped at the Rideau locks and walked around a bit taking some photos.

The Falls at Smiths Falls

On our way to the dealer one of the sales reps called and wanted to know if we want to trade in the truck since it's five years old. Not likely!

We got the truck in for service and about an hour later the girl who discusses what's being done on your vehicle came to us and said our front brakes needed changing. We just did that last year. Anyway, we had thought that the synthetic oil in the rear of the truck needed to be changed but she said all our fluids were good. Gordon decided to go ahead with it thinking that inferior pads were put on at Southbank Dodge last year.

I was tired of sitting so went out for a walk and went by the truck bay. The rear wheels were off the truck. What the h***! So Gordon went and checked and it's the rear brakes that needed to be done. That's better. We've never had the rear brakes done in the five years we've owned the truck. It pays to check!

Anyway, it sure is boring sitting in a dealership waiting room. I thought sitting in a laundromat was boring and I have to do that in the next few days

I'm also including some more flower photos that I took while at the Ornamental Gardens on Tuesday.

To read Gordon's journal that he updated today, click here.


  1. Hi Sandra. Lovely pictures.
    I read Gordon's journal, and he has quite a sense of humour. He must be feeling chirpy after the good news he had about his Valley Fever.
    Great that you can continue traveling south of the border in the winter time.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX.

  2. That front brake, rear brake story almost sounds like one of those hospital horror stories where a surgeon operates on the wrong knee!!

    I just switched to Live Writer, but I agree with your assessment of the new Blogger Editor. I would have switched back to the old one too if I was still using it.

  3. I haven't tried the new blogger, didn't know there was one. I'll check it out, but not till we get moving. When I retire I'll have more time.

  4. ""When I retire I'll have more time.""
    Dee, that's what you think!!
    You will wonder how you ever had time to go out to work.
    Happy Trails to you all. Penny, TX


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