Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday August 14, 2009

I was bummed today even though it was another bright beautiful summer day. When we arrived on Monday to move into our full hook up site that we had reserved about a month ago, we were told that there had been a mistake and someone else had been booked into the site until Friday. So we moved to an electric and water site which has a beautiful view but no sewer! We walked by the full hook up site this morning several times and it didn't look like they were going anywhere so I went down to the office. The people on our site aren't scheduled to leave until tomorrow. We had purposely not booked anything today but tomorrow we have plans so it looks like we're not moving until Sunday. This is the first time we've had a problem at this park and we've been coming here for five years now. It's not a real big deal and this is definitely the most scenic park in the area. Most parks in the area are strictly seasonal and more and more parks in Ontario are going that way.

I spent some time reading outside today then back inside when it got too hot to sit out. I was too lazy to move my chair down by the water under the tree.

After a nap, we headed out for a little drive around the area and to fill our water jugs at The Water Depot. There's no Super Walmart near here, not even a Walmart in Lindsay!

I borrowed Gordon's photo of the day for my blog today.


  1. Great photo! I love it. We're becoming so lazy too, we don't want to go all the way to the bedroom after anything anymore. we have a little place, but we can tell we're getting older. Sorry about the NO move. At least you're there awhile.

  2. What a cool photo! Sunset or sunrise?

  3. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Hi Sandie ! Soon to be heading to the States for the Winter also. Was wondering if you rely on the WiFi at the campgrounds for your Internet access or do you sign up for something like Verizon.
    Sorry for using this way to contact you, however, I tried clicking on your contact e-mail and I got an error.


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