Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday May 31, 2009

It was bright and sunny but chilly at 10C (50F) and there was a bit of a north wind that I discovered when I started heading north for my walk on the Appleton Side Road. But it was a lovely morning for a walk and I enjoyed it.

This morning I just played around on the computer and cleaned the bathroom. I had done vacuuming yesterday. Can't do too much cleaning in one day!

Last night after the get together at the rec hall and my blog posting, the owner of the park came over to pump out our tanks. While Gordon was outside, he noticed that the driver's side rear tire on the truck was quite low so he pumped up what he could with our little air compressor that we carry in the truck then went in to town to a garage to fill it up. This morning it was down 8 lb. so he drove in to Canadian Tire and they found a screw in the tire so he got that patched but when he got home he realized they only put 34 pounds of air in it.

By late morning the skies clouded up and it started to rain again. It was supposed to be a sunny day!

Around 1 p.m. we left to put air in the tire that was just repaired and to head into Ottawa to see my sister and her family. On our way into Ottawa the temperature dropped to 4C (39F). I almost expected to see snow!

We were on the western edge of Ottawa when all of sudden Gordon pulled off the road. Just as we were pulled off I heard the whap, whap, whap sound. We had another flat tire! This was the front one on the same side. I called our Emergency Road Service and it took about 1 hr 15 min for Glen's Towing to arrive and put on the spare.

It's only flat on the bottom!

I called my sister and told her we wouldn't be making it today. After the tire was changed, we continued in to the nearest place to be sure the spare had enough air in it, then headed home and stopped to get some water. We had planned to fill our jugs at my sister's place as I love Ottawa water! We didn't make it home till nearly 5 p.m. It had made it up to 12C (53F) by then. Very strange weather!

Today didn't turn out as we'd planned but it could have been much worse and on the way home I saw this beautiful deer at one of the interchanges which made me think that the day was okay after all.

Such a beautiful, graceful creature

May Expenses

Here are our expenses for May. We did really well considering we bought quite a bit of computer stuff and also dental and medical. There might be a slight adjustment when I send our chiropractor bills in for payment.

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  1. So glad that you found the flat before you were pulling the RV. It is not good to have a flat but at least you were not on the highway traveling.


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