Thursday, 26 February 2009

Goliad State Park

I can't remember the last time I took my morning walk in shorts and a tank top but today was one of those days. It was already 69F (21C) when I started out just before 8 a.m. I walked around the park and did part of the River trail.

Here's a path photo for Jenny

Since we've been without a sewer connection for the last four weeks until we arrived here at Goliad State Park, I've put off colouring my hair and it was really starting to bug me so today was the day! I'm now light reddish blonde! After that chore was completed I sat outside and read. It was cloudy with sunny periods but warm with a breeze.

View from my lawnchair

This afternoon I spent 45 minutes trying to get onto blogspot. I kept getting a 403 Forbidden screen. So after changing my password, deleting blogspot cookies, restarting my computer and various other things, I finally got in again. Have no idea what the problem was but the help file did mention this problem from some time ago. Luckily I was able to resolve it myself.

I also made Debken's recipe for Pork Adobo so I hung around the RV, sitting outside to read and wandered around to take a few photos.

Here's our site with Glenn and Sylvia's motorhome behind us.

Our high this afternoon reached 89F (32C) and we had the air conditioner on for a while this morning and again this afternoon especially when I was cooking.

Near sunset I went up to the Mission to take some photos there as I hadn't been there since we arrived yesterday. Gordon was already up there and had met this little kitty that was following him around.

Pretty clouds near sunset

The Mission

The kitty

One of the buildings that's part of the Mission

On my way back to the RV, I had my camera and was looking up when a lady called and asked me if I wanted a photo of her bird. Here's Picasso, the cockateil.

By the way the Pork Adobo was good, we both liked it but it was a bit too salty. Next time I won't put in any additional salt.

It was such a beautiful day today. It's so nice to have temperatures like this at the end of February!


  1. Only in Texas can you have this kind of weather and the next day??? No telling what you will have...gotta love it


  2. Now, who told you to add salt?? You don't need additional salt because of the soy sauce. Glad you enjoyed it, it's one of Rod's all time favorites!


  3. Oops, sorry, the recipe does say salt and pepper to taste. I never add salt so forgot about that.


  4. Great pictures Sandra...don't you just love the area? Great walking.

    Be careful of those recipe directions from Deb??? LOL

    See you guys soon.



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