Friday, 2 January 2009

A Short Drive

Today I woke up to fog again. It burned off mid morning and we had partly sunny skies for a lot of the day with a high of 75F (24C). It was a little windier than it has been but not too bad.

We didn't do much out of the ordinary today. We took a drive to the local bird sanctuary this afternoon for a while to see if any birds were out. Photos below were taken on the drive.

Our local sandhill cranes were out this afternoon

The road in the bird sanctuary

Ibis and Roseates


While I was sitting out reading I took some photos of our rose bush beside the neck which is now starting to bloom. Roses in January, gotta love it!

I read and had a nap this afternoon. I still haven't gotten around to completing our month end expenses. It's a chore with all the calculating. Even if I set up the spreadsheet to do the calculations automatically (if I remembered how to do it), I'd still have to input a different number every day. I know I've done some spreadsheets with formulas when I was working but that was a long time ago!

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