Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ornamental Gardens, Appointments, Errands

Today was another cloudy, cool, humid day. We had appointments in the afternoon but this morning we took a trip to the Ornamental Gardens. They're very close to where we're parked so it's very convenient to go there and every time you go the flowers are different. The gardens are so beautiful, I was almost in tears! Go figure! I took lots and lots of photos. Some will get uploaded to so I can use my own photos as jigsaw puzzles.

This little rabbit was enjoying munching on the green apples.

And then away he went!

Here are some of the flower gardens.

One of the lily gardens

Zinnia garden

These kids were trying to catch the goldfish in the pond.

A perfect peach rose and a bud

Soft pink and frothy looking

This looked like the tree sunflower we saw at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson this winter.

I have no idea what this flower is but I love it. It's so rich looking!

I did go for my usual walk/run this morning. That is a staple in my life now unless it's really raining or we're traveling that day.

I made a chiropractor's appointment for this afternoon. My lower back has been bad this week and he seems to have improved it greatly. We also dropped some stuff off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, picked up some groceries and Gordon checked his blood pressure at the pharmacy. That's one thing about the antifungal drugs. They are increasing his blood pressure! After that he got his monthly bloodwork done.

We had about 50 minutes till his appointment with his dermatologist so we walked down to the pathway that runs along the river which is just at the bottom of the block where the doctor's office is located and went for a walk. On our way we saw this German Shepherd who has disc degeneration so that her rear legs don't work anymore so the owner got her fixed up and now she's a shepherd on wheels! She really seems to like her wheels.

We had a nice walk along the pathway and the rain held off. It had looked like rain all day but still hadn't started by the time of this posting.

Then back to the dermatologist's office. He's checked once yearly for skin cancer. This time he was fine but did have something on his face that required scraping and liquid nitrogen but it wasn't skin cancer.

On our way home we stopped and picked up some groceries so we're set for another couple of days.


  1. Beautiful pictures Sandra!!

  2. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Hi Sandra,
    I am a fellow Titanium owner currently living in NB. I have been following your blog for some time and have admired your pictures immensely. I grew up in the Ottawa area so your descriptions bring a lot of it back although the city has changed much in the intervening years. What occasioned this note is your husband's picture of the old house "which he loves to photograph". Is this house located near the corner of Fallowfield and Huntley Rds? It looks very much like the house I passed twice a day as I attended high school in Richmond all those years ago.
    Thanks for bringing the memories back...
    Peter Staples

  3. Sandra,
    that flower could be a Blanket flower or also called: Rubekia (sp?)

  4. Seeing that dog with the wheels made me think...I sure wish I had something that I could propell myself along when shopping with Sherri. I get soooo tired of standing around while she feels all the items in the store. I could shop all day if I could ride around...Just a thought.



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