Friday, 13 June 2008

Shopping and Relaxing

Today started off as a really nice day but as the day went on it got more humid although there was always quite a breeze.

After walking, breakfast and my usual morning internet surfing, I went out to pick up some items, one of which was something to put our shoes on by the door. This has always been a pain so now we have somewhere to put shoes when we come in.

Also while out I made several stops to pick up a few odd groceries and I'm still missing a couple of items. It seems that I have to go to about five stores to pick up everything we want.

I've moved my wish list over to the side bar. This does not mean I want people to buy me gifts! LOL. It somewhere for me to keep track of the things I want and if I'm ever under budget one month, maybe I'll go for it!

This afternoon Gordon went out to take some photos but I was tired so stayed behind and read. I even managed to get a closet cleaned out!

Tonight they're doing a chat demonstration at the rv-dreams rally so I will be part of that even though I'm a long, long ways from Branson, MO.

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