Monday, 9 June 2008

A Brief Outing and Getting Stuff Done

Today was hazy, hot and humid but not as hot as yesterday. I think it only got to about 31C (88F) today. There wasn't much sun either. I cut my walk short this morning as it was just too hot!

I got some stuff done this morning that I've been putting off. I had some questions for our extended health care so I called them, I called ManuLife Financial who have Gordon's travel insurance to see what the status was on his claim - they're still reviewing it apparently. I cleaned the bathroom. I got our expenses updated for June. All little niggly things. I also made up an Excel spreadsheet showing the sites at ABC Campground in Branson with the names of the people occupying them - just for fun so I know where people are. I sent copies to Dee, Ellie and Karon in case anyone wants to see it, I thought someone could print it.

After lunch Gordon decided he wanted to go out and see something so we drove to an area that's in the city across from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre. It's a birding area along the Rideau River. There were all kinds of ducks, geese, seagulls and pigeons (photo below) around as well as various other birds - robins, redwing blackbirds etc. so we got lots of photos of the birds.

Pretty markings on this pigeon

Baby ducks

Wildflowers along the Rideau River

Beautiful tree on the island in the Rideau River. Lots of birds under the tree.

Pretty rose

I haven't been at Billings Bridge for a long time so we stopped there and walked around. I count that as part of the walk I missed this morning. Didn't buy anything! Then we drove by the condo where we used to live before we bought the house. It's looking kind of shabby but there were no For Sale signs on the lawn like there were when we were selling. I didn't take a photo as our condo was facing the creek and we didn't get out of the truck but I did take a photo of a house nearby with a lot of two tone purple irises on their lawn. Just beautiful!

Then home. I had put a pork tenderloin, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot this morning with some water and onion soup mix. Sure smelled good when we walked in the door! It's sure looking like we might get a thunderstorm tonight.

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