Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Housework and a New Trail

I heard on the news this morning before I got up that there wasn't supposed to be any rain today however it was cloudy for a lot of the time. Since no rain was forecast I set off through the industrial park for my walk returning on the busy Prince of Wales Drive.

After breakfast and as much procrastinating as possible I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and washed the floors. Sure am glad I worked most of my life and was able to have someone come in to clean. I would have made a lousy housewife! I wonder if there's someone that will come in to clean an RV?

My lower back is always unhappy after vacuuming so I lay down on the couch and read for a while and of course, drifted into a nap and was awakened by my phone ringing. It was Manulife Financial, Gordon's travel health insurer wanting the name of our family doctor so they could get her records. Apparently they've finished their review and are only now starting to gather information. I guess that's a good thing as it usually means they are going to pay although they haven't received the bills from St. Mary's Hospital yet. They've also requested the hospital records. I asked why they needed our doctor's records for a diagnosis of Valley Fever as that isn't something one contracts normally however it is their 'practice'.

It's such a hassle getting involved in using the travel medical which is the main reason I didn't have my foot looked at while we were out of the country. It just takes sooooo long for anything to happen and in the meantime we get bills and phone calls although I must say we've only gotten two bills and maybe one phone call from Tucson. When I had my breathing problems two years ago and went to the hospital in Cincinnati we were hassled all the time for payment. It took all summer and into the fall and I had been in the hospital in early April.

This afternoon it was noisy here because of some pressure washing being done at the plant behind us so since the sun had come out we decided to do a new trail. We headed west to Kanata to the Old Quarry Trail. It was a pretty trail and lots of wildflowers but no critters. There were quite a few common birds, little butterflies and lots of dragon flies which probably accounts for the fact that we didn't see many mosquitoes, thank goodness!

The trail

The ferns with the sun shining on them looked silvery

Waiting for Gordon, I sat down in the crook of this tree

Pretty wildflowers

The boardwalk through the swamp

Huge mushrooms
Today was a beautiful day after the cloud went away. Nice blue skies with fluffy white clouds and a high of around 25C (77F). Perfect for walking a trail!

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