Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Shopping and Napping

Today was a pretty low key day. It was bright and sunny again but cool with quite a breeze. I decided to cross the railroad tracks for my walk this morning. I found out there's actually four tracks not just three as I'd thought. It wasn't a very nice area for walking. The road was really busy and there were no sidewalks. Just as I was about to start back I noticed a sign saying it's a Federal offence to walk on train tracks. I hadn't planned on going that way again anyway but not I know it for sure.

After breakfast I got ready and drove to the closest Walmart to fill Gordon's prescription for his anti fungal drugs. While I was there I picked up a few things. It's not a Superwalmart but does have some groceries. I also went to Chapters (like Barnes & Noble in the U.S.) and found a puzzle book. I never did get to a bookstore when I was in Tucson. I finished up a gift card there that I had been given when I left work nearly four years ago. I stopped in to Future Shop (electronics) to look at GPS systems but couldn't find any and I wasn't in the mood anyway.

After lunch, I decided to paint my nails so I lay down to read and wait till they dried and woke up two hours later! I'm getting that nap thing down pat!

There's not a lot around here to photograph so here's a photo I took in the desert this winter.

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