Monday, 5 May 2008

Shopping and Dentist

This morning was bright and sunny with a breeze but only 5C (41F). I didn't sleep in this morning and went for my usual walk. Gordon had gone out early to take photos. It was only when I met him coming home that he told me that he had gone downtown to see the tulips down there since it was Sunday and there wouldn't be much traffic. I told him it is Monday so then he figured out why there was so much traffic! Retirement - you just never know what day it is!

Thankfully I knew it was Monday since I watched Desperate Housewives last night and I also knew I had a dentist appointment today.

I left early and picked up some groceries and stopped at my favourite Dollar Store. It's called Dollarama and it has some neat stuff all for just one dollar. I got stretchy cord for $1.00. The same size you pay $2.95 for at Michaels in the U.S. and more than that at Michaels in Canada. They also had quite a lot of beads but I only spent $2.00 on beads and got a container to put them in.

From there to the dentist where she filled two cavities which set me back quite a few sheckles. Thank goodness for dental insurance!

Today's photo (top left) is one Gordon took this morning on his outing of a beaver and its offspring at Major's Hill Park here in Ottawa. The one at the bottom right is one I took of a cottontail rabbit beating a hasty retreat when he saw me.


  1. Tell Gordon not to feel bad I do the same thing now that I am working this crazy shift. I never know what day it is...


  2. Sandra,

    If you can't walk outside there's a walk dvd that I use and really like. Check it out:


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