Sunday, 27 April 2008

Visiting Family

After last night's rain, today was bright and sunny and quite warm. I walked through the industrial park this morning and down a residential side street that I hadn't been on before. In the industrial area I took a photo of these tulips.

This morning I just hung around. Our TV reception wasn't very good last night. We thought it was because of the storm. That may have had something to do with it but the trees are also budding and Gordon thinks that was the main problem so he took the satellite dish down off the ladder and put it on the tripod and we're again getting excellent reception.

This afternoon I went in search of Jif peanut butter. I still didn't find it so I bought Truly which is a Zellers brand (Canadian store recently purchased with The Bay by a U.S. Company). They have a lot of the same brands that Target has. Truly doesn't have any maltodextrin in it like Skippy and Kraft do. Maltodextrin in the U.S. and Canada isn't supposed to have gluten in it but if I don't have to have it in a product, I'd prefer not to.

After that I went over to my sister's as they were to be back from a lunch out for my brother-in-law, John's sister, Marie's birthday (that's a mouthful). I arrived early so spent some time with my soon not to be a teenager niece, Danica. She'll be 20 tomorrow! She was busy studying for her last exam which occurs on Tuesday, then she's finished until September when she starts her 3rd year in Biomedicine at the University of Ottawa.

Margie and John arrived about 15 minutes after I got there so the ladies sat outside where it was beautiful and chatted. Danica opened her birthday gifts. Here she is in the orange scrubs that I bought her in Tucson. She really loves orange! They are quite a bit too long. That's what she gets for being born into a short family!

My older sister, Betty returned from her trip yesterday so she called this afternoon and both Margie and I chatted with her for a bit.

I made Gordon a pizza for dinner. I had bought a couple of pizza crusts the other day when I was out so he was happy!

So, Happy Birthday tomorrow Danica!

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  1. Tom Warfield2:36 pm

    What is my dog doing in Ottawa? That Wire Haired Fox Terrier looking away from Danica's new orange pants certainly looks a lot like my "Dollie". They could even be related since mine came from a breeder in upper New York state.


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