Monday, 12 November 2007

The Turquoise Trail, Santa Fe, Madrid, Sandria Peak & CIBOLA National Forest

After I posted last night we had a really pretty sunset.

I thought today would be spent taking the truck in for service and getting laundry done but that's not quite what happened, in fact, none of the above happened.

The truck needed a few more miles to get to the odometer reading for taking it in so instead we headed north on S.R.14 also known as The Turquoise Trail. It runs between Tijeras where we're staying and Santa Fe, NM about 50 miles north.

The Oritz Mountains to the east

We drove to Santa Fe taking photos along the way, stopping at a little town called Cerillos and then at a Taco Bell in Santa Fe for lunch. After lunch we drove downtown and took some photos but didn't stay this time as we had been there last year.

We do want to go back again even though the traffic was a reminder of Fort Myers , FL.

On our way back we stopped at an artsy little town called Madrid, NM. From what I understand Madrid was a ghost town for a while until the artists moved in and now it's a 'tourist trap'.

We also drove to Sandia Crest, (10,678 ft) the top of the Sandia Mountains through a part of the CIBOLA National Forest which overlook Albuquerque. It was 63F (17C) when we started up the mountain and 41F (5C) when we reached the top. Although the road is paved it has lots of switchbacks and is quite a drive to get to the top.

We arrived home about 4:30 p.m. and we're both pooped.

Here are some photos to illustrate 'you know you're in the southwest when':

You see entrances to ranches that look like this:

You see architechure that looks like this:

And you see this as a car passes you:

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