Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Chores are Done, Visit to Camping World and Old Town via Historic Route 66

I thought I'd include a photo of the trails that I've been walking on in the mornings since we've been here at Hidden Valley Resort. They are quite steep so my walks haven't been as long as they usually are.

I think this is tumbleweed but not 100% sure.

I've been complaining about the dirty windshield for days and it just keeps getting dirtier so this morning I got out the tools to be able to clean it so by the time we went out today I could actually see through the windshield!

After that was done and showers were over with, we set out to go to Camping World. It's at the other end of Albuquerque across from the RV Park where we stayed last year. We purchased a few items including a weather radio which I've been wanting so hopefully it will do what it's supposed to. With us having Canadian satellite TV, we have no idea what kind of weather is coming at us except for the internet. We had taken I-40 to go to Camping World so took Historic Route 66 back through Albuquerque. Here's a photo of us on Route 66 on our way into Albuquerque from the western side.

And here's the sign for Route 66 as you're coming into the downtown area of Albuquerque.

We decided to stop for a while in Old Town even though we spent an afternoon here last year. It was such a beautiful day with a temperature of 72F (22C) in downtown Albuquerque. Here's a photo of the square within Old Town.

And this is one of the shops.

This wreath made of chili peppers was for sale for $40.

And here I am sitting on a bench backing onto the Square.

As we were leaving Old Town trying to get back on Route 66 I saw this pretty decorative artwork on a building we passed.

The west has so many pretty buildings and even their bridges and retainer walls are very artistic as far as color and ornamentation are concerned.

This is our last day here, tomorrow we're heading south to San Antonio, NM. We made another change in plans and will hopefully be joining up with Gayle and Breland, Gordon's photographer friends there for bird photography at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge which is celebrating the festival of the cranes this week. The Sandhill Cranes stop by here each year on their way south so hopefully since we'll miss them in Rockport, TX this year, we'll see them here.

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