Sunday, 1 July 2007

Purdon Conservation Area and Perth

It was 11C, windy and partly sunny as I did my 2 miles this morning. I saw abundant wildlife – my deer, although she wasn’t on the road, she was lying in the grass by the bush area and all I could see was her head. While I was looking at her a Baltimore oriole flew by and then as I was approaching my turnaround point, I saw something that resembled a dog in the ditch but it was definitely not a dog so a wolf or a coyote. It didn’t have hair around its face and it looked a darker brown so my guess was a small wolf. It didn’t stick around

When I got back we got the tanks dumped so we’re good there for another couple of weeks.

This morning I was looking for somewhere to go so when I got on the computer I was checking out the Mill of Kintail which is close to us and came across the Purdon Conservation Area. We were there last year but were too late for the orchids. They are supposed to be in bloom from mid June to mid July so we decided to go today. Lucky we went today as they are just about finished.Since the day was quite cloudy it was good for shooting photos of flowers but not much else. Below is the 'Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid' and the 'Pitcher Plant'. The Pitcher Plant catches insects almost like the flycatcher plant.

Below are more of the Lady's Slipper Orchids

And one lonely bog or water iris

We had packed a lunch today so decided to stop in Perth on our way home and have our picnic lunch at the park in town along the Tay River. It is a very pretty park and another place we want to go back to. Today was quite chilly for a picnic. I think we got to about 17C (63F).

On our way home we went down a side road that we've been talking about checking out to a place called Scotch Corners. Scotch Corners is a couple of businesses and about five houses but there is some pretty scenery along the road, some wetlands and old barns so we're glad we took the detour.

We also stopped at the local grocery to pick up a couple of things as they are closed tomorrow for the holiday.

So again, Happy Canada Day!

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