Friday, 15 June 2007

Low Key Day

More campground photos

View from my lawnchair

My neighbour, Jean walked with me this morning. We walked down the side road (Cram Road) eastbound, then south and then west on the farm road back to the Appleton Side Road. As we got back to the campground entrance we saw another couple walking south toward us. They had just been to see the turtles that are laying their eggs along the gravel shoulder. We chatted for a while. He still works at Nortel and works for the Northern Telecom part the same as I did. He said it’s not as great a place to work as it once was and hopes to be able to pack it in in a year or so.

After my usual morning routine I went outside to sit and read and was out for over four hours. I also walked around the park and took more photos. It was so beautiful outside today, no humidity and nice sunshine with blue sky and fluffy white clouds. It’s very peaceful here.

A very low key day!

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