Monday, 21 May 2007

Road Trip

View of Mississippi River along Appleton Side Road on my morning walk

Cute little bridge over Paul's Creek west of Lanark

This morning was 12C (54F), sunny and windy. I walked north on Appleton Side Road as far as the turnoff to Appleton again. I did a bit of a jog a couple of times as I’ve heard that bursts of energy are good. It was quite windy walking north. Since I got back early because of the jog, I walked around the park. There weren’t any bugs out due to the wind.

After lunch we headed west and then north and drove around the Lanark area, stopping at Mal’s Camping to see what their campground was like. Still like Tranquil Acres best. After taking a few photos around the Lanark area, we headed south into Perth and had a look around there for a while then home on Hwy 7.

We reached a high of 18C (65F) on our drive and it remained sunny all day although the wind calmed down quite a bit during the day.

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