Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Back to Ottawa Again

This morning was sunny and warm, 16C (61F) but there were lots of mosquitoes especially on the river side of Appleton Side Road.

We had a chiropractor’s appointment for this afternoon so we got ready this morning, had an early lunch and went in to Ottawa a bit early as we had to stop for fuel. It cost us $112.52 to fill up today! That’s the most it’s ever cost at 93.5 cents/litre. We have paid 99.9 and 1.07.9 cents/litre but I guess our tank wasn’t as empty. We were early for our chiropractor’s appointment but we usually are. After that we stopped at Walmart to get a few items, Loblaws for water and some cereal that I like and Food Basics for other stuff. Since Hwy 7 is under construction in some parts especially from Stittsville to Ottawa we are taking a different route – Flewellyn Road. We can pick it up at Ashton Side Road which is the next road east of us or we can continue south from Appleton Side Road onto Cemetery Side Road, pick up 9th Line Road into the little town of Ashton and get Flewellyn from there. It’s a much prettier route especially with the lilacs coming into bloom. They smelled really pretty.

We reached around 27C (80F) today and it was beautiful and sunny with a light breeze. Just a perfect day (except for the mosquitoes)!

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