Tuesday, 20 March 2007

A Picnic and a Surrey Ride

This morning started out sunny and nice. We had planned a picnic for today at Lakes Regional Park with Betty and Garth. Shortly after noon it clouded over and looked like rain so we took our rain jackets and headed to the park to meet Betty and Garth for 2:00 p.m. There are several shelters available with picnic tables but it looked like they had to be booked as some had “Reserved” on them.

I had wanted to sit on the deck overlooking the water by the concession stand so we headed there. It was VERY windy and we spent most of our picnic holding onto things to keep them from blowing away. It’s too bad as I was really looked forward to a nice leisurely picnic. I had made potato salad and deviled eggs and picked up a roasted chicken from Publix with pineapple for dessert. The food was good though.

They have all sorts of vehicles and boat types for rent so Garth went and rented a four seater surrey that you pedal (there are pedals for each person). We had it for an hour and it was fun but hard to pedal especially on hills. We saw lots of birds and one alligator laying out on a tiny grassy island close to shore.

Garth and Betty coming to pick us up to go for a ride in the surrey

Garth and the alligator that you can barely see on the little grassy island

The four of us and the surrey

The rest of the day remained cloudy and windy so much so that when we got back to the RV, Gordon put the awning up.

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