Friday, 23 March 2007

Back to the Fleamarket

Gordon dropped me at Walmart this morning and Betty picked me up there and away we went to the Fleamarket again. It was very hot today so glad I wore shorts! There's no air conditioning in the Fleamarket. I bought a sweatshirt (yeah, I know, it's too hot for a sweatshirt but we'll be starting our trek home in a couple of weeks and I have no doubt it will be used) and a sundress - great combination!

We stopped at a place selling puppies and they had a toy apricot poodle. He was so cute! They even offered to ship him to Canada for me but I declined. It's much easier traveling without an animal even though I miss having one sometimes.

The traffic was horrendous on our return as the Minnesota Twins stadium was just letting people out from a game this afternoon. It seemed to take forever!

Gordon was out photographing historical sites and beaches today. He says he took 200 photos so check out his site here. It will take him a day or so to get them uploaded.

Now I'm home and it's too hot to do anything but I guess I'd better start thinking about dinner.

No photos today. I didn't even take my camera with me.

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