Saturday, 24 February 2007

Our Last Day in Rockport/Fulton

Taken at Rockport Beach - flocks of black skimmers, gulls and terns of all kinds in a frenzy!

Part of Rockport's downtown area

The bird convention moved to one of the fishing piers (taken along the Beach Road)

This morning was 66F (19C) cloudy, windy and humid but turned into a really beautiful sunny day with a high of 84F (29C) and a beautiful bright blue sky (an Ottawa summer sky). This morning and early afternoon I got the laundry done then we drove around Rockport taking photos. Gordon had a request from a web designer in the area for some photos so he was trying to comply.

Gordon went out again for sunset but I decided to stay behind and enjoy what was left of the beautiful day!

I made a reservation for tomorrow night at Beaumont, Texas at the Gulf Coast RV Resort. They have free cable and wifi so we won’t have to hook up any of the satellite dishes. It will make for a faster escape on Monday morning.

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