Friday, 23 February 2007

Around the Area

This morning was 64F (18C), cloudy and humid with some small patches of rain. After breakfast, I went out to get groceries and look around Bealls for the last time on this trip. I saw a pretty little electric blue suit but other than weddings, can’t imagine where I’d wear it with this lifestyle. It had some bling on the collar and around the bottom of the skirt and it was on sale. In a former life I probably would have bought it. On to Walmart for groceries, then home for lunch.
This is the horse I see almost every morning on my walk

This afternoon we took a drive to Bayside via our sandhill crane route but only saw three sandhills and not much else. When we came back we stopped at Rockport Harbor and walked around there taking some photos then on to Fulton Harbor where I took some photos of the oyster boats unloading their booty and the Skimmer arriving back from its Whooping Crane Tour. We stopped at Driftwood RV Haven on the way back to see what it was like but the roads are too narrow and the sites are too small.

Sandhill cranes

Great Egret under the dock at Rockport Harbor

Live oak trees along the Beach Road in Rockport - this is where some of the birds sleep at night

We both have mixed feelings about leaving Rockport. I think we’d both be content to stay for another month but Florida calls so tomorrow we’ll be getting things ready to leave on Sunday.

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