Thursday, 25 January 2007

Moving Day

Rockport Beach

Our site at Fulton Oaks RV Park

I got my wish. Today was bright and sunny although still cold. I can’t give an accurate temperature as the thermometer was in the sun. So I got to go for my walk. For being a nice day I didn’t see that much, a couple of cardinals and blue herons in the distance.

Today was move day although we only moved 7.9 miles from Goose Island State Park to Fulton Oaks RV Park. We have a nice spot here at Fulton Oaks. It’s on a corner so it’s a really big lot and we also have free wifi with a very strong signal so that’s a great backup for downloading stuff. The only drawback is we’re on a flight path for the municipal airport and there seems to be lots of little planes flying around. We’ll get used to that though. We were moved and set up by 1:00 p.m.

Gordon decided that since he’d worked so hard he deserved a tostada from Taco Bell for lunch so we went there, then took a drive around the water area in town. There weren’t the usual number of birds in the spots where we’re used to seeing them. They must be still hiding from the rain and cold.

It turned into a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a high of 63F (17C). Sure glad we stayed the extra day at Goose Island. Moving yesterday in the rain would not have been fun! More rain is forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. YUK!

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