Friday, 26 January 2007

Busy, busy

It was sunny when I got up and 43F (6C) but quickly clouded over in preparation for some rain later in the day. I walked along Lone Star Street where the campground is located until it turned into a one lane trail and then came back. I didn’t take my camera this morning, just my radio which was nice for a change. I concentrated on walking instead of what was surrounding me.

We have great wifi here so I’ve added photos to my Yahoo site today. They are the same ones that I’ve been posting on my blog though. To see them click here.

Today was a busy day. Our microwave has had a problem so the first thing I did today was try to find new light bulbs for it. It takes two 30w 125v appliance bulbs. I went to 2 RV places, 1 grocery, Walmart and Ace Hardware and all I could find was 25w 125v appliance bulbs. So I had lunch at McDonalds – my Asian salad, went to HEB and Walmart for groceries then came home.

When I got home I called our RV Dealer in Stittsville and was given the phone #’s for Glendale (the manufacturer of our RV) and Dometic (the manufacturer of the microwave). I called both but Dometic told me it would have to go to a dealer (one of the ones that I stopped at today). So first we went to Ace Hardware and replaced the bulbs to see if that would solve the problem, it didn’t, still no light so then we went to the RV dealer to get things in motion there. By that time Dometic was closed for the day so they are to call tomorrow and let us know the results. We can’t find a way to get the microwave out of its present location. It’s got to be screwed in somehow but sure can’t find out how so will probably have to pack up and take the whole RV in. Always something!

Other than that, today wasn’t too bad although mostly cloudy. I didn’t look but the high was probably around 60F (16C) as it’s 56F (13C) now (at 5:30 p.m.).

No photos today – too busy!

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