Monday, 29 January 2007

I've Got a New Camera!

And here it is!

It was 46F and partly cloudy this morning. I walked around the park and then on Lone Star and Farmer Circle which is a little court just off Lone Star. All I saw of interest was a Texas long horn and a donkey at a little ranch down the road.

This morning I started researching a new camera on line and decided that I liked the Sony DSC-W100 so we headed for Corpus Christi. On the way we stopped at Camper Clinic regarding our microwave and found out that Dometic will ship a new one to them for installation but we have to pay the labour. Not a bad deal, I guess. They will call when the microwave comes in – about 3 days.

Back to my camera, Radio Shack was supposed to have one at a better price than anyone else but of course none were in stock. He offered to order it but that meant I would have to go back and in the meantime wouldn’t have a camera. We stopped to have lunch at the food court at the Padre Staples Mall and then went across the street to best buy where we found one – it cost $50 more and they would only match Radio Shack’s price if they had them in stock. Oh well, I tried! Of course then I needed a memory card so many dollars later we headed for home.

I stopped on the way at WalMart and picked up a few groceries as I need to make my Calico Beans for the potluck on Wednesday and we needed a few other staples.

When we got home I went to the office to sign us up for the potluck and to get some new books from the book exchange library. While there I met a man from Ohio and we chatted a bit. He’s from the Coshocton area where our son-in-law’s parents live but he didn’t know them.

On return to the RV, I started getting my new camera ready for business, getting the warranty done online, getting the battery charged etc. The salesman gave me a general run through of the camera operation and it looks much more straightforward than my old P-10 but I have a fairly thick manual to read so I’d better get at it!

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  1. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Sandra, we love our Sony 6.1 -got it free last year on AirMiles. Works great...if I can only find the time to read the manual !

    Hope all's well...



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