Friday, 12 January 2007

An Interlude in Rockport

  • A couple of the Rockport fishing fleet
  • A reddish egret (with the reddish neck)
  • A great blue heron (on the post) - he's the one that stayed with us at lunch
  • A long billed curlew (on the sand)

This morning was 65F (18C) and cloudy for my walk along the bayfront down to the fishing pier. It was a nice walk except for walking by Stinky Beach which is the actual name of the beach here. You don’t swim there!

I sat outside to read for a while but it was quite cool in the wind. It was okay when I moved to the other side of the RV but then I got a craving for an Asian salad at McDonalds so we went into Rockport and each got our lunches (Gordon’s from Taco Bell) and we got a picnic table on the water. We were lucky enough to have a Great Blue Heron stay with us while we were eating. While we were there we also looked around the area at some birds and found quite a few so I think we’ll be spending the rest of January and most of February in Rockport.

I noticed the temperature gauge in the truck while we were in Rockport – 75F (24C) and quite humid.

After lunch, I went to the little shopping mall. It’s not much but the Bealle’s store is quite nice. I bought some stuff there when we were here in winter 2005. Apparently we had a little rain shower while I was inside. Then we stopped for groceries at WalMart and I wound up having to stop at HEB as well as WalMart didn’t have turnips and with the cold weather coming this weekend, I want to make more stew!

I sat out and read again when we got home but it was quite cloudy and windy so didn’t stay out long.

Now we're in for a night of TV!

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