Thursday, 11 January 2007

Big Tree

This is the road to Big Tree - pretty live oak trees

This morning was mostly cloudy and 62F (17C) as I set out on my walk. Fortunately I had taken my sunglasses as the sun came out shortly after I set out. I again walked in the ‘Oaks’ part of the campground going farther this time so the walk took 45 minutes and might have been a bit too far as my lower back was complaining. I didn’t see much of interest this morning except the different ways the oak trees grow here, no deer, no herons but I did see a trail that I’d like to take but will have to bring binoculars with me.

Later in the morning we went to see Big Tree. It is more than 35 feet in circumference, 44 feet high and a crown spread of 89 feet and is supposed to be over 1000 years old. My camera couldn’t get the whole tree in a photo so I took a photo of its base as you will see below. Then we drove around some of the side roads in the area to see what we could see returning home for lunch.

I read this afternoon and had a long nap. It was cloudy outside so only sat out for a bit this morning. Just before sunset we went for a walk along the water and over to the boat dock where the pelicans were again gathered looking for handouts.

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