Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Cloudy and Drizzly

I walked around the park this morning and then around some of the side streets. I counted 4 sites available out of the 14 from the other day. It was 59F (15C), cloudy and windy. As I walked through the park one of the gentlemen was walking his apricot standard poodle. What a beautiful dog! He came over and gave my hand a lick.

The high today was supposed to be 60F (16C) but at 9:25 a.m. it was 62F (17C) and I don’t think it got any higher than that.

Mid afternoon we did a grocery run to Walmart in Aransas Pass. We had to wait about 10 minutes to get a ferry. They were very busy today for some reason. It was a bit rainy with some fog over the water for our little trip there and back but not drenching rain, thank goodness. I bought a little fold up stool, hopefully it will help me to reach the top shelves in the kitchen cabinets. It’s such a pain dragging a dining room chair into the little space between the counter and the stove.

Gordon bought an Ohio State baseball cap at Walmart for $5.00. He was quite proud of himself (see picture below). For those of you that don’t know, Gordon’s daughter is a graduate of Ohio State but he’s always been somewhat interested in their football games.

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