Friday, 5 January 2007

Cancelled Plans and The Moochers!

I walked this morning in 59F (15C) weather with fog and mist to Roberts Point Park. There still weren’t a lot of birds around – saw 3 herons, a few pelicans flying around and a few dolphins doing their little dance in the channel but that was about it.

The sun came out late this morning. Since today was to be a nice day, our plan had been to go to Corpus Christi and take photos at sunset and go out for dinner. We had to dump tanks, shower etc. and by the time all that was done the fog had started to roll in so we decided not to go to Corpus Christi and instead drove to Roberts Point Park, the south jetty and the beach. By the time we got to the park the fog was gone again but we took some photos anyway and came home. Not a very exciting day but I did get to spend some time outside reading.

The temperature reached about 70F (21C) today but we’re supposed to be back into cloud and rain for tomorrow!

Saga of The Moochers

The two moochers wait as the fisherman catches a small fish

The successful moocher tries to swallow the fish

The successful moocher still attempting to swallow his fish

Still trying with the unsuccessful moocher close by

He's having a hard time - the unsuccessful moocher is still hanging around

Finally he swallows the fish - the unsuccessful moocher is not happy

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