Friday, 15 December 2006

A Very Foggy Morning

Some foggy photos that I took on my morning walk

This morning was very foggy and I awoke to the fog horns on the ferries as they cross Redfish Bay on their way to and from Aransas Pass from Port Aransas. I just walked around the area this morning as the fog was too thick to be able to see much in the park.

I called my sister this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday while I was sitting outside enjoying the day. She said that our cousin, Ed called this morning from England to wish her a Happy Birthday. Ed is such a nice man. Except for his height, he reminds me so much of our father. When we were in England in 2000, we stayed with he and his wife, Jean for a couple of days.

After the fog burned off it turned into another bright, sunny and beautiful day so I spent most of the morning and afternoon sitting outside.

Later this afternoon I drove to the post office to get some things mailed and then to the local grocery to pick up a few items that I couldn’t get or forgot yesterday. Then I stopped at one of the touristy shops but didn’t buy anything.

Now we’re in for a quiet night of TV.

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