Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Of Birds and Butterflies

And turtles too!

I started the day with a nice walk to Roberts Point Park. To walk there and back and take some photos it takes about half an hour. The weather was so beautiful I almost felt like I was in the Caribbean. There were a few Great Blue Herons around this morning, one of which is shown above.

The couple we met yesterday had told us they had seen Roseate Spoonbills on the Aransas Pass side so we took the ferry over this morning and drove around the mudflats where they had been seen but they had obviously moved on so we came back to Port Aransas and went to the Leonabelle Turnbul Birding Centre. There we saw all kinds of butterflies and birds including Roseate Spoonbills but they were quite far away.

As it was lunch time, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant. There is a place called Fins just across the road from the RV park. They will cook the fish you catch but they also have a menu. I had the Seafood Gumbo which was very good and Gordon had a hamburger which he said was good as well.

We then took a drive trying to find a way to get closer to the Roseate Spoonbills that we had seen earlier but had no luck there either. On our way back we stopped at Paradise Pond. There were quite a few birds there too but too far away for my camera. I did however get a photograph of some turtles which you will see above.

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