Tuesday, 14 November 2006

What a Beautiful Day!

Yeah! Bob Chiarelli is no longer Ottawa’s mayor! I’m so happy that Larry O’Brien got in! Maybe Ottawa will finally see much needed changes.

It was 71F (22C) when I got up this morning. I went for a short walk but didn’t feel much like it. I did feel better though.

We both needed an outing and we needed lubrication for our slides so we found out where the closest RV dealer is and headed there to get what we needed. We found out they have an RV park on site for $20/night. The sites are really close together though but it’s an option since we have to leave here on Friday, just in case we’re not ready to leave the area. After that we stopped at the SuperWalMart to pick up a few items and then headed home for lunch.

This afternoon after a nice leisurely shower in the campground showers (they are very nice), I sat by the pool for a while. I was alone there most of the time. It was such a beautiful sunny day and around 80F (27C). I’m also happy to be feeling better! Today's photo is the view from my lawnchair at the pool.

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