Wednesday, 15 November 2006

A Very Windy Day in Austin!

It was 56F (13C) and windy when I walked this morning but the sun was shining and it’s pretty much always windy in Texas but last night during the night and this morning it was mostly coming in gusts, enough so that it knocked the internet satellite dish out of wack but with some tweaking it was back. This had to be redone several times during the day. Amazingly the TV satellite wasn’t knocked out.

This park is pretty much perfect. The only real thing we’ve found is that they don’t have wifi throughout the park. You have to go to the common areas if you want to use it but since we’re in a site close to the office, I can sometimes reach it from the RV.

Finally tonight the wind has gone down.

Didn’t do much today except the laundry. Gordon made an appointment to take the truck in for service tomorrow and we still don’t know where we’re going on Friday yet so stay tuned…..

No photos taken today so I’m featuring one that Gordon took of Luke and I when we were at Michelle and Eric’s.

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