Sunday, 10 September 2006

Errands, Presents & Dinner!

This is Jasper, Margie & John's wire-haired terrier.

This is the group minus myhusband who was also taking a photo and John who was doing the kitchen cleanup.

It was sunny and 7C (46F) when I got up just before 8:00 a.m. today. Fall is definitely in the air, at least this week. The sun was warm though and I had a beautiful walk out on Corkstown Road. It’s closed at the March Road end right now for construction so there’s no traffic. The sign for the road closure is just to the west of the campground and there’s only one farmhouse past there. I saw a couple of deer cross Corkstown in the distance. It was a perfect morning to walk.

After breakfast I went out to do some errands. Pepsi was on at Shoppers today only for $1.77 for 6 bottles so I had to stock up. Gordon is a pepsiholic! I also got some photos processed for Nick and Becky and Margie and John to give to them tonight as we’re going there for dinner for our birthdays. Gordon had processed six of them when we were in Lindsay so I had printed them out on our printer and I think it did a better job than Loblaws processing especially since I bought the photo paper.

We arrived at my sister’s place around 3:45 p.m. and Nick and Becky arrived shortly after followed by Danica and her friend, Jeff. We all sat around and had a nice chat, Gordon and I opened our presents. We got some very useful things including clothing for me and gift certificates from John and Margie for fuel, a stuffed poodle and a notebook from Danica and gift certificates for restaurants from Nick and Becky. Some very thoughtful gifts. Thanks everyone!

Nick and Becky also had their wedding photos from the photographer. She took some beautiful photos. Unfortunately we don't have room for photos so we had to be content with looking.

Margie had a bit of a catastrophe when cooking dinner. The heating element in her stove burnt out causing sparks so our turkey was cooked on the barbecue and was excellent. It was yummy to have stuffing. I love stuffing! Nick and Becky also brought a blueberry pie for dessert and Margie made strawberry fluff. I haven’t had fluff for ages. Mom used to make raspberry fluff all the time.

We got home shortly after 9:00 p.m. tired and stuffed!


  1. Jean is also a pepsiholic and will almost go withoutsoda if Pepsi not available. Just to make you jealous -- we have been buying it for $2.50US all summer long here in Montana.

  2. opps the $2.50US is for a 12 pack 12 ozzvywpo


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