Thursday, 20 July 2006

A Tour of Carleton Place

A little frog down by the Mississippi

This morning dawned bright and sunny again and turned into another hot day with a slight breeze. The breeze kept the bugs at bay so Bib and I sat outside for a while this afternoon.

After Regis and Kelly this morning, I got ready and went into Carleton Place for a while. I had never toured Bridge Street which is the main downtown street so I did that today. There are a lot of used clothing/consignment shops and one nice lady’s wear store. After that I went to First Choice Haircutters to make an appointment for next Friday but they don’t take appointments. She said it’s usually no longer than ½ hour wait so I’ll just take my chances. Then I stopped at Your Independent (grocery store). They have a dry cleaners there so took Gordon’s pants in for cleaning for the wedding and then got groceries.

When I left to go to Carleton Place, I went through Appleton as there is construction on Hwy 7 at our intersection where they are putting in traffic lights. I also understand that they are widening Hwy 7 from Carleton Place to Ottawa to make it four lanes and that will take about four years. On my return, I took Hwy 7 and wound up in a line of traffic for about five minutes as there was only one lane available at our turn off onto the Appleton Sideroad. The four lanes are badly needed but putting up with construction for four years will be a huge pain!

I did more internet checking today for RV parks in Florida trying to find something less expensive. We have some coupons for $149/month but they expire at the end of 2006 so may not be useful to us since I don’t expect we’ll be in Florida until early December.

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