Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Tuesday in Las Cruces

Rio Grande and the Organ Mountains

Pecan Groves

Today was nice and sunny and about 72F. It clouded over late in the afternoon but still had a gentle breeze blowing.

After our walks and breakfast, I got busy making my stew, then vacuumed and did some cleaning. There’s very little grass around here and a lot of gravel so we keep dragging the gravel into the RV and it’s not good for the floors or the carpet but very difficult to keep outside.

By then I was all sweaty so went for a quick shower as Gordon had mentioned he wanted to do some exploring. We drove over the the Rio Grande area, then stopped at the Visitor Information Centre in Mesilla who suggested a trip down SR28. We drove through a couple of small towns and lots of pecan groves. Pecans seem to be big business in this area.

We got back in time for lunch and then I thought I’d take a short nap which turned into over two hours. It was one of those naps where you’re way down somewhere and very hard to fight your way back up. I felt groggy for most of the evening.

I mentioned yesterday that this isn’t the nicest park that we’ve stayed at, nothing pretty or inviting about it but it has very speedy free wifi so that’s what I’ve been using instead of our internet satellite. If I decide to do any banking or anything like that I plug in the satellite internet but it’s hard to resist the speed that the wifi provides especially uploading photos.

Looks like another night of TV for us!

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  1. How interesting to see pecan groves! I guess I've always found fruit groves and orchards interesting (having only been around apple orchards my whole life) What a treat for me to see anything else, like vineyard, or lemon or orange groves or peanut fields. I was enthralled with actually seeing grapes grow on the vine in Niagara on the Lake - weird, huh?!


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