Saturday, 25 March 2006

Sort of a Busy Saturday!

Sunset at White Sands

If you look really close you can see the ripples in the sand

Pretty dunes! Looks kinda like waves

Bib accompanied us to White Sands but mostly stayed in the truck

Sandra standing beside a yucca with the dunes in the background (Note-no coat!)

Wow! What a beautiful day today. Sunny with a few clouds and about 77F.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve had trouble breathing the last little while and not being sure what it might be, I’ve sort of done nothing about it but stopped all allergy medications that I’ve been taking. I’ve taken Actifed at night for years but you can’t buy it down here so I’ve gotten other things and they just don’t work the same. So last night I was thinking if I wasn’t better today I should probably go to Emergency. I decided last night to take a Benadryl and send in the big guns. This morning I woke up very groggy but as the day went on I seemed to be feeling better and wasn’t having as much trouble breathing so no Emergency Room for me today. I just lay on the couch all morning and watched two Julia Roberts movies.

So, this afternoon I decided to go for a walk since I hadn’t walked this morning. I walked about ½ mile to the Dollar General Store and then back to WalMart to get groceries in preparation for us leaving on Monday for Albuquerque. I called Gordon when I was finished and he came and picked me up with the groceries and then we drove to the water kiosk to get our water jugs filled. Then back home to find a place for groceries. It always amazes me how much groceries I buy when all we seem to eat is stew, lunch (sandwich/wraps) and breakfast (cereal/grits).

At about 5:00 p.m. we left for White Sands National Monument to take late afternoon and sunset photos. I got quite a few good ones, I think. The ones I took during the day this week didn’t have any shadows so tonight I got lots of shadows and depth in my photos. Sunset wasn’t wonderful but okay.

On the way back we stopped and had dinner at Taco Bell. Now it’s TV time!

By the way, in case anyone is interested, did you know that Alamogordo means fat cottonwood in Spanish? Just a bit of trivia for today.

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  1. ooo wow!! You're only like 3 hours from me now (if you're in Albu-Turkey)



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