Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Boring Day!

It was cloudy and 44F when I got up this morning. The forecast had said it would be cloudy today however the sun came out late in the afternoon.

After walks and breakfast, we watched TV for a while. Around 11:00 a.m. I decided I would walk over to WalMart. It was looking very dark and cloudy and I had just made it to WalMart when I heard someone say that it was raining mixed with snow. It didn’t last long though as when I came out after about an hour, it had stopped and there was a bit of sunshine.

This afternoon, I watched TV and took a couple of brief naps.

Other than my walk to WalMart we didn’t go out all day. Very boring! The temperature only got up to about 53F.

Yesterday when we were at White Sands there was a front loader moving sand off the road. They have to plough the road to keep the sand off it just like snow. It’s so white it looks like snow. The photo above is of the front end loader moving the sand.

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