Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Rescue of the Grapefruit Knife

A few weeks ago when setting up at a new site my grapefruit knife somehow got wedged under the kitchen slide and we couldn't get it out. It has caused some damage to the kitchen floor. Today Dean and Bob (Dean and his wife sponsored our guest status here at Catalina) came over and got the grapefruit knife out. Yeah! That's one problem down, now if we could just get the bathroom sink replaced, I would be happy! Luckily I had just finished vacuuming when the guys arrived as they had to get down on the floor to retrieve the knife.

Then Gordon and I went in to Desert Hot Springs to get some things that we needed for our get together planned for this afternoon. Gordon still needed to take his picture of the day so we headed west on I-10 and he got a photo of one of the wind turbine farms. They are everywhere down here as its a very windy area going through the pass between two of the tallest mountains in southern California.

Dean and Lin, Judy and Bob came over this afternoon and we had some wine and chips and cheese and crackers. Judy also brought me some fresh fruit that had just been picked off a friend's tree. I had two of the oranges tonight and they were yummy!

Tonight has been another quiet evening watching TV.

The photo is one Michelle sent of granddaughters, Grace and Faith having fun in the snow.

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