Friday, 22 June 2012

The chiropractor seems to have fixed my shoulder problem, at least for now. I do still have spasms in my ribs and numbness and tingling in my left hand but hopefully that will go away soon. The shoulder feels soooo much better. I haven't done much yet as I'd like it to have a few days before I start doing anything strenuous.

Haven't done anything about the fridge yet. We had another expense today. The last several days we've noticed water seeping out from under the downstairs toilet. We're thinking, Oh, no, what now? So we called, Donnie, our plumber. He was stumped for a while but finally located the problem. The hose from the air conditioner was just laying there leaking condensation. I guess when they redid the plumbing no one noticed the air conditioner hose and didn't route it to the drain. Anyway, that's fixed. What's next?

Our basement windows went in on Wednesday and they look great. Unfortunately the caulking smells really bad but that should be gone by tomorrow. Then we need to paint the trim pieces.

Friday was a beautiful day, humidity mostly gone and the sky had some interesting clouds so after Gordon finished at the dentist we took off for a drive. Below are a couple of barns we saw that looked interesting with the sky.

 The following photos of lupins, daisies and butterflies were taken at a new condominium subdivision being built near Murphy's Point Park called Otty Woods. The lupins and daisy combination in front of the pine trees was gorgeous!

This was another back road that we traveled down. Lots of hills but not a lot of scenery.

 It was a nice little outing. We hadn't been out for some time and today was perfect for it!

Before we went for our afternoon drive, I was out weeding and now my shoulder is aching again, not as bad but I had such high hopes!


  1. I'd love to be on that road in your picture, taking me to "wherever".

  2. What kind of chiropractor do you have? I also have been going to one for my bad hip. He does what is called "Torque Release" I think it helped but really am not sure. I have had 12 treatments so far. Each one only lasting 15 minutes tops. Glad you feel better and hope it stays that way.
    Love your pictures!!

  3. your pictures are always gorgeous...and you should NOT be weeding just yet my rest rest that shoulder


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