Friday, 24 June 2011

Perth and Balderson

Scoon, the pig looks over the local Meat Market and Deli and has been the subject of much controversy here in town but it looks like Scoon will be reigning for a long time!

Last night's sunset
Old shed in Balderson

Rusty old stove

Little red barn in Balderson

Stewart Park, Perth

Another view of Stewart Park

Stewart Park

Tourist information, Perth

Beautiful tree with a field of hay

Close up of above   

For what's been happening this week, see Dee's blog here.
 When we left Smiths Falls early this afternoon the weather was nice but as we approached the little town of Perth about 12 miles away it was pouring rain. It continued to pour so we drove through town and continued on to Balderson, Ontario.

I had never been in any of the stores there but their Amish Store was great! They had everything from jam to kitchen renovations to furniture. The furniture was beautiful but very expensive! From there we stopped at the Balderson Clothing store. It's a huge store, it would be great if I was still working or going somewhere but I'm not so was able to leave without spending any money.

From there we went back to Perth, stopped at a couple of grocery stores and then at Stewart Park. It had quit raining so Dee also got to take some photos. We drove around downtown a bit, stopped at the tourist bureau and a few times on the way home for some photos.

We've had some severe weather but most of it has been centered on the Ottawa/Gatineau area. So far, we've been ok except for a couple of cracks of thunder and lightning last night which knocked out Jim and Dee's wifi at the campground. We've been lucky!

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  1. Great to be with you today. I'm so glad we're staying another week. Thanks for today!


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