Friday, 25 March 2011

Mostly About Doors

Today we drove to the little town of Perth about 12 miles from us. I wanted to go to Foodsmiths which is a specialty food store where I can buy some gluten free items and bulk items. I also wanted to go to Metro while there as they had blueberries on sale. I wouldn't have driven there just for the blueberries but since we were there....

While there we walked around downtown and I went into a few shops. Perth has some nice little stores, didn't buy anything but it was fun anyway.

I did take a liking to some of the doors I saw downtown though.

There are a lot of interesting doors in Perth and some very nice architecture as well. I'm hoping to go back and take some more photos when it gets warmer.

And a dragon column (there was one on each side of the door) for a Chinese restaurant.


  1. I love the dragon pole!! Doors are really cool too.

  2. Smaller width doors that are set back in the frame, like the wall is an impregnable fortress. Almost like an afterthought, as though you shouldn't come on in! But if you must!

  3. So lovely to see photos from Perth. I have a friend who lives in Beechworth, teaches at University, but her Mum lived in Perth. Loved it. What a great subject to photograph.

  4. Being a DIY type of person, I couldn't let the first three beautiful doors get in that condition, I would have to do something about it!

    Doors are very interesting. Thanks. Penny, TX

  5. Way cool!! Glad you enjoyed your day!


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